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 Inuzuka Raiden-[Approved]-SAKURA

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Inuzuka Raiden
Legendary Sannin
Legendary Sannin
Inuzuka Raiden

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Ninja Info
Name: Inuzuka Raiden
Team: None
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PostSubject: Inuzuka Raiden-[Approved]-SAKURA   Inuzuka Raiden-[Approved]-SAKURA EmptySat May 03, 2008 1:47 pm

Name: Inuzuka Raiden

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Personality: Raiden is cheerful, but he is also hyperactive and energetic. He is wise and intellgent for his age, however. He is good with canines, and he is also good with other humans. He will fight to the death if it is to help others, or to prove his worth.

Appearance: Avatar, but he wears a black Konohagakure headband on his forehead, like Uzumaki Naruto. He wears a black camo t-shirt under his black Jounin jacket. He wears black camo jeans and black zori(ninja sandals, like Naruto's.)

Rank: Jounin

Special Characteristics: Gobi no Houkou

Village: Konohagakure Village

Clan(s): Inuzuka, Zankyou(custom)

Zankyou Clan: Raiden is the founder of this unique clan. This clan can use echolocation, as well as manipulate echoes to do things such as disguise presence by loud fake echoes.


Inuzuka Jutsus

  • Juujin Bunshin no Jutsu: Basically the animal turns into an exact replica of the human and it also works vice-versa.

  • Shikyaku no Jutsu: The user gets down on all fours, to seem more dog-like. The user's speed and strength increase considerably during this time.

  • Gatsuuga: A powerful taijutsu attack where the user spins towards the opponent with amazing speed, in an attempt to cut and scratch them with claws, fangs, etc. In most cases, performed by two or more people/animals at the same time.

  • Garouga: A high speed tornado attack in which Raiden and Raishinmaru attack the opponent by scratching and clawing at high speeds in which they cut their enemies into pieces. The speed is so fast that ithe users cannot see, but that is no problem, Raiden and Raishinmaru's sense of smell leads them to their opponent. Even if they barely miss the target the extreme spin still slices the target, leaving them weak for one more shot. The technique uses a lot of chakra and energy, usually leaving the users fatigued.

  • Jinjuu Honbi no Henge: Sou Tou Rou: The attack in which Raiden and Raishinmaru are both in the form of a wolf which increases their power 10 fold. Their attacks are faster and harder and they are also super hard to stop when in this form though because this form is so strong it also requires a lot of chakra and after this renders the user useless and almost completely immobilized. This attack is usally a combo with the Garouga for maximum damage. (requires 30% of Raiden's overall Chakra)

Fire Style Jutsus

  • Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu: The user gathers Chakra in his/her chest and blows it out in the form of fire.

  • Katon: Housenka no Jutsu: A technique where the user blows multiple fire balls from his mouth. It can also be combined with throwing weapons, which creates weapons engulfed in flames.

Water Style Jutsus

  • Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu: Creates a large dragon shape formed from a large amount of spinning water. The dragon form is sent towards the user's opponent for a powerful attack. This jutsu can only be performed when near a large amount of water.

  • Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu: Creates clones out of pure water.

  • Suition: Daibakufu no Jutsu: Sends a large spinning pillar of water towards the opponent. Can only be performed when near a moderately large water source, and uses a large amount of chakra. It's a devastating jutsu.

  • Suirou no Jutsu: Creates a large sphere of water, that holds the opponent inside it. The prison is difficult to escape, yet, the drawback is that the user must keep contact with the sphere to keep the prison working.

Ice Style Jutsus

  • Hyoton: Rogan Nadare no Jutsu: The user creates an avalanche of snow wolves that run towards the opponent, biting and crushing their foe.

  • Hyorou no Jutsu: The user creates pillars of ice crystals which home in on the opponent and trap him/her in ice. Unlike Suirou no Jutsu, no further action seems to be required to maintain the prison once the victim is caught. This jutsu may also be used defensively, as a wall of ice.

Other Jutsus

  • Kage Bunshin no Jutsu: The user creates solid, flesh-and-blood clones.

  • Bunshin Kaiten Kakatou Otoshi: Bunshin Kaiten Kakatou Otoshi is a taijutsu technique used by Uzumaki Naruto. Naruto first uses Kage Bunshin to create several clones. These clones and Naruto launch themselves into the air and begin to somersault. They then come spinning down, laying their heels into the target's shoulders and head.

  • Bunshin Taiatari: Bunshin Taiatari is a taijutsu technique used by Uzumaki Naruto against Gaara in his mini-Shukaku form. Naruto first used Kage Bunshin to create several clones. These clones launched themselves at Gaara. When Gaara's large sand arm went to grab the clones, another clone then landed on this hand and launched the following real Naruto at Gaara. This fast speed allowed Naruto to get in closer to Gaara. While flying towards Gaara, the Sand ninja used his other arm to grab at Naruto. The real Naruto formed another Bunshin to take the hit, while he maneuvered away into position behind Gaara.

  • Kuchiyose: Rashoumon: A summoning technique used soley for defence. This ultimate defence technique protects the user from a powerfull head-on attack. It looks like a giant temple with a huge gate and demonface embedded in it. It is capable of stopping even the strongest attacks known in ninjutsu. Unlike the regular Kuchiyose No Jutsu there's no animal being summoned.

  • Kuchiyose: Sanjuu Rashoumon: Summons three Rashoumon gates.

  • Kage Shuriken no Jutsu: The user throws shuriken at the target and through the use of this Jutsu, the shuriken multiply rapidly.

  • Kanashibari no Jutsu: Kanashibari no Jutsu is an advanced Ninjutsu technique used to temporarily bind an individual or animal. With the person frozen in place, the ninja can either take the opportunity to attack or to retreat.

  • Taren Ken: A Taijutsu attack at such a high speed it seems there is a thousand punches coming at the opponent. The speed is so fast that it is impossible to tell where they direction of the main punch is coming from.

  • Konoha Reppuu: Using his quickness and agility, Raiden performs a spinning kick to sweep his opponent off their feet.

  • Konoha Daisenpuu: This jutsu involves a powerful leap forward followed by a spinning kick with both legs in succession, the second kick being aimed lower in case the intended target ducks the first.

  • Konoha Shoufuu: Using quickness and agility, the user will do a swift upwards kick at their opponent or at a weapon the opponent is wielding.

  • Konoha Gouriki Senpuu: This jutsu is basically the same as the Leaf Great Whirlwind, only more damaging.

  • Konoha Senpuu: This jutsu is a set-up attack for a stronger jutsu. It consists of a simple, but very fast, duck followed by a powerful upward kick, which sends the opponent flying. When Guy uses this attack, he covers his foot in chakra to enhance it, making his version B-ranked.

  • Kage Buyou: While the target is airborne, the user jumps in such a way as to appear below the target while following a similar trajectory through the air. Since the victim is airborne, he is in a vulnerable position to a more damaging attack.

    Using his Sharingan, Sasuke was able to copy this move when Rock Lee used it on him. Unlike Lee, however, he hasn't had sufficient training to avoid the body strain from using the technique.

  • Zankuuha: A device implanted in both arms of the user allows the control of supersonic sound waves and air pressure. The device allows the currents to be concentrated in one place, and creates large blasts of air shot from the palms.

  • Zankuu Kyokuha: A device implanted in both arms of the user (usually from the palms) allows the control of super sonic sound waves an air pressure. The device allows the currents to be concentrated in one place, and creates large blasts of air shot from the palms. This is a more powerful blast than the Zankuuha.

Custom Jutsus:

Name: Zankyou Bakufuu no Jutsu (translation: Echo Explosion Technique

User(s): Inuzuka Raiden

Rank: B-rank

Description: The user manipulates echos to a very loud volume at such high speeds it seems like an 'explosion' of echos. The technique can rupture a target's ears. It is also a Kekkei Genkai.
Name: Zankyou Enkigou no Jutsu (translation: Echo Back Slash Technique)

User(s): Inuzuka Raiden

Rank: B-rank

Description: The user manipulates echoes behind the target to 'slash' at their ears and temporarily deafen the target.
Name: Raiton: Rairyuudan no Jutsu (translation: Thunder Element: Thunder Dragon Technique)

User(s): Inuzuka Raiden

Rank: C-ranked

Description: Just like Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu but the dragon is made of lightning.
Name: Fuuton: Oufuu no Jutsu (translation: Wind Element: Cross Wind Technique)

User(s): Inuzuka Jaden, Inuzuka Koushin, Inuzuka Raiden

Rank: B-ranked

Description: The user manipulates the air around the target(s). The air forms crosses and flys at the target(s) in a shuriken-like way. The air, of course, is invisible, so this technique is next to unavoidable.
Name: Fuuton: Oikaze no Jutsu (translation: Wind Element: Tail Wind Technique)

User(s): Inuzuka Jaden, Inuzuka Koushin, Inuzuka Raiden

Rank: C or B-ranked

Description: The user manipulates the air behind the target. The air then slams into the target, like a strong gust of wind, but concentrated.
Name: Fuuton: Ichijinnokaze no Jutsu (translation: Wind Element: Raving Wind Technique)

User(s): Inuzuka Jaden, Inuzuka Koushin, Inuzuka Raiden

Rank: B-ranked

Description: The user manipulates the air around the target to form a small cyclone, which slams into the target.
Name: Hyoton: Shimoyake no Jutsu (translation: Ice Element: Frostbite Technique)

User(s): Inuzuka Jaden, Inuzuka Koushin, Inuzuka Raiden

Rank: B-ranked

Description: The user freezes the opponent's hands, giving them a bad case of frostbite which is temporary.

Pets: Raishinmaru, Siberian Husky dog, male

Specialties: Main- Ninjutsu, Sub- Taijutsu

Weapon(s): Kunai x10, Shuriken x10, Rashoumon Contract Scroll x1

Element(s): Water, Wind

Background Story:

Raiden grew up in Yukigakure with his parents. He was happy, and he had plenty of friends around the Village. He was always wanting to be a Shinobi when he was young. When he was five, Doto, the leader of Yukigakure, ordered his parents' assassination, as they were foreigners from Konoha and world travellers, and they posed a threat to Doto's hold on the Village. Raiden was told nothing of this, of course, as Doto feared that Raiden would fly into a rage and release Gobi no Houkou, the Five-Tails Demon Dog, who had been sealed inside of Raiden at birth. When Raiden was eleven years old, he discovered a scroll of Suiton Jutsus that had belonged to his parents. He studied the scroll, and within a month, had mastered all of the Jutsus in the scroll. He realized that his parents were world travellers-they had never told him-and that they collected data on all of the different Elemental Jutsus. Raiden also learned a couple of Yukigakure's native Jutsus, and within a week of that time, he graduated to Genin. At thirteen years old, Raiden was going to be promoted to Chuunin, but he postponed his promotion to investigate his parents' deaths. He found out that Doto had something to do with his parents' deaths, but then the trail went cold until he was fifteen. He discovered a scroll of completed S and A-ranked missions, and among them was "Assassinate Inuzuka Kajiru and Akari". He realized that Doto had ordered his parents' deaths, and Raiden immediately made plans for him and his Siberian Huksy puppy, Raishinmaru, to leave Yukigakure forever.

He went to Konohagakure Village, and to his relief, the people there were very friendly. Within a month, Raiden had graduated from the local Ninja Academy. He was placed on a team with his friends, and they went to the Chuunin Exams when they were sixteen. They spent days in the exams, each one was hard for Raiden. He managed to pass the first exam by getting one question right. The second exam was easier, as he and his teammates were the first from Konoha to finish. The third exam was the hardest. Raiden had to fight that year's top rookie, who was a member of the Nara clan. He would've lost, but at the last moment, he managed to hit his opponent with a Taren Ken. The tournament moved on, and at the last match, Raiden was pitted against his most bitter rival, Inuzuka Koushin himself. Unfortunately, Koushin was strong, and Raiden had to struggle to defeat him. But the opprotunity arose to win when Koushin tried a Tsuuga on Raiden. Raiden retaliated by summoning a Rashoumon gate. Koushin crashed head-on into the gate, giving him a severe concussion from which he recovered. After the Exams, he met up with his team to check the results. They graduated, and they went their own seperate ways. Raiden went on a reconnaissance mission to Otogakure Village, and he was severely wounded. Another spy rescued him and took him back to Konohagakure. The fight was Raiden's hardest ever. He had a broken arm, two broken ribs, and he'd lost a lot of his blood. The medics at Konohagakure weren't sure Raiden would make it, but Raijuu no Rokubi had other plans. He healed Raiden while he was asleep, and his bones were the only injuries not healed. However, after a week in the hospital, the medics releaed him. He had survived during his darkest moment, and he trained harder then ever. He was sent again on the same mission, and this time, he faced the same opponent and won. He accomplished the mission no other Jounin or Chuunin had accomplished: infiltrate Otogakure and get out alive. This lead to him being promoted to Jounin when he was eighteen.

Being a Jounin, he knew he had to get stronger, so he learned some Katon Jutsus and trained harder then ever. He waited for something special to happen. Sure enough, that something special happened. He found out he had a younger brother named Inuzuka Jaden, who was known as "Konoha's Iron Fang" because of his determination. He met Jaden, who was a Genin at the time, and trained him in the Inuzuka clans basic Jutsus. Raiden and Jaden still train together every day. Raiden has since created the Echouzuka after realizing he could manipulate echoes as well as use echolocation. He was still eighteen when he created the Zankyou clan. A year later, at age nineteen, Raiden left Konohagakure and joined Otogakure. Orochimaru made Raiden part of the Sound Ninja Four as the North Gate. He had surgery in his arms, and as a result, he had wind tunnels in his hands. Raiden has since left the Sound Village.
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Anara Amarizya
Anara Amarizya

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Ninja Info
Name: Anara Amarizya
Team: None.
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Inuzuka Raiden-[Approved]-SAKURA
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