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 my application-[Approved]-SAKURA

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Yanto Aburame
Legendary Sannin
Legendary Sannin

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PostSubject: my application-[Approved]-SAKURA   my application-[Approved]-SAKURA EmptySat May 03, 2008 6:39 pm

Name:yanto aburame



Village: hidden leaf

Ninja Rank: legendary sannin


Looks:my application-[Approved]-SAKURA Ninja-Eisdrache

Personality: sadistic, smart, lazy, smart-alecky

characteristics:bloodline chakra (using my shadows to kill people such as choke and bind), ninjutsu chakra (lightning techs.), taijutsu chakra (Weaponry), and genjutsu chakra (wind techs.)

Elements:earth lighting

Skills/Specialties:sucking chakra, 7-tailed demon

Jutsus:summoning (summon a giant scorpion),
bug (leech and call),
transform(into objects or living things),
substitute(bug clone), sacrifice(to kill another person),
exploding shurikens(explodes on contact),
chidori(lighting cutter),
bug clones(clones to hide self),
spinning death (rockets off with two kunais in each hand, spinning and boring a hole into the internal organs of a foes body),
mind attack (leaves body and gets into the persons head, causing him/her to strike him/herself), lightning shock (jumps high into the air, and transforms into a lighting bolt to electrify a foe),
hell raze(pulls off all weapons and starts throwing them at the foe rapidly),
secret medical ninja tech (heals completely, even broken bones),
mind search (goes into the foes mind to find out what there weakness is)
rope breaker (girachu uses his bugs to chew and break ropes)
uppercut kick (kicks enemy up into the air),
Hair spike shield (hair turns into a spikey shield)
earth coffin (sucks enemy into the ground suffocating him)
surprise (attacks out from the earth behind the enemy, sweeping the legs)
1,000 years of pain (comes out of nowhere and shoves fingers up butt hard)
earth prison (covers enemy in a indestructable prison cell, sucking chakra)

History/Background Story: He was born outside of the leaf village. When he was 13 my parents were training him how to use weapons and use red and blue chakra to pass academy student. They also were teaching him the jutsus he has now have mastered. One day while he was training he heard a scream coming from my house, he ran as fast as possible back, when he got back he saw four sound nin cornering my parents. They saw him and started going after him, all of a sudden they stopped in their tracks because of his parents holding on to them. The next thing he heard was his mother saying "Go, run while you still can." With tears in his eyes he obeyed his mother and ran. Ever since my parents died, i wanted to help people, and he's been trying to ressuruct the dead.oh yeah and he has a weird anbu friend called anbukakashi.

Roleplay Sample: yanto held a kunai in his hand ready to kill, all of a sudden a katana was put up to his neck.
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Anara Amarizya
Anara Amarizya

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Name: Anara Amarizya
Team: None.
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PostSubject: Re: my application-[Approved]-SAKURA   my application-[Approved]-SAKURA EmptySat May 03, 2008 6:41 pm

Approved. Very Happy Good work.
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my application-[Approved]-SAKURA
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