Naruto- The Clash of the Ninja

The Naruto RPG that you can fight enemies, and have the best ninja life...
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 Administrator's and Moderator's.

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Anara Amarizya
Anara Amarizya

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PostSubject: Administrator's and Moderator's.   Sat May 03, 2008 6:56 pm

If you are not aware with all of the mods and admins, take a look here.


1. Sakura Haruno-----------Owner/Founder/Hokage
2. Inuzuka Raiden---------Friend from alot of forums/Jounin
3. Yanto Aburame----------A good person to me/ Sannin
4. Shima Kaguya
5. Kameko Ebina--------Raikage/Good Friend
6. Fatality--------Good friend/Kazekage
1. g-aara
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Administrator's and Moderator's.
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