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 Akki Zabuza-[Approved]-SAKURA

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Akki Zabuza
Missing Nin
Missing Nin
Akki Zabuza

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Ninja Info
Name: Akki Zabuza
Team: None.
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PostSubject: Akki Zabuza-[Approved]-SAKURA   Akki Zabuza-[Approved]-SAKURA EmptySun May 04, 2008 8:37 am

Name: Akki Zabuza also known as the reaper of the mist

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Village: Hidden mist
Ninja Rank: Missing-Nin

Clan: Zabuza

Looks: Akki Zabuza-[Approved]-SAKURA 23f772

Personality: Akki gets along with no one and thursts for battle, she has a short temper and hates to loose anything
Special Characteristics: Master of water Jutsu

Elements: Water

Skills/Specialties: Ninjutsu and Taijutsu


Hidden mist jutsu: Covers the area in thick mist blinding the foe and hiding the users location

Water Style:water dragon jutsu: creates a large water dragon that is thrust towards the opponent

Water Release:water prison Jutsu: Create a dense prison if water around the opponent leaving them only 10 minutes of breathing time, the only set back os one hand must remain within the prison to keep it going it is said that its possible for a clone to do the jutsu

Water clone jutsu: similar to shadow clone but creates clones out of water

Water style: water vortex jutsu: creates a great vortex of water sucking the opponent into the depths

Water Release: water cannon Jutsu: send a large body of water at the opponent hitting them with a great imact

Water Rasengan: a water version of the rasnegan

Summoning Jutsu: Killer whale: Summons a large Killer whale to do battle

Water Bullet jutsu: throw between 1 and 5 bullets of dense hard water at the opponent

Flurry of slashes jutsu: Akki uses her sword in a fast and eligant style causeing great damage to her opponent

Water sword jutsu: Akki channels her chakra into the sword creating a strong water flow around it letting her manipulate it

History/Background Story:
Akki is the neice of the demon of the mist Momochi Zabuza she was born two years after his death she learned by accident of her deadly uncle after over hearing her mother and father talking of him after that she tried to get as much information as possible a nd learned all about how he killed every academy student and he wasnt even a ninja she then learned of his death at the hands of Hatake Kakashi, this sent her into a rage and she wanted revenge for her uncle who she never even knew, using this rage she forced her way into the academy to get training but was quickly thrown out thats when she met a missing ninja who was more than happy to teach her what she wanted to know.

After years of training she had become a strong ninja and could use all the jutsu she knew he uncle could use and even more, this is when she decided to turn her back on th mist village and go rouge to try and track down her uncles killer hatred filled her everytime she thought of it.

Akki has fought many a battle and hates to loose death is the only option is her moto and her way of life
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Anara Amarizya
Anara Amarizya

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Ninja Info
Name: Anara Amarizya
Team: None.
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PostSubject: Re: Akki Zabuza-[Approved]-SAKURA   Akki Zabuza-[Approved]-SAKURA EmptySun May 04, 2008 8:41 am

Wow! No problems Razz.
Approved. Very Happy

Ryo: An unlimated amount Very Happy

x200 Senbon
x1 Tiger: Kasean
x2 Scrolls
x50 Kunai
x65 Shuriken
x2 Exploding Tags
x2 Sand Bags
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Akki Zabuza-[Approved]-SAKURA
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